About us

We did not get here by chance, we carried out comprehensive research, analysis and research to find the right, efficient production method.



Over the years we have observed and studied the right production methods, and now we have revolutionized coconut production and we are a leading manufacturer.

We source our raw materials from the largest coconut producing country in the world, namely Indonesia, and we have many production facilities located near our raw material sources.

We also play a role in coconut plantation agriculture.


Currently we are proud to say that we serve our consumers from all over the world, and we always maintain good relationships, quality and our sales system, thus creating an excellent business ecosystem.

Our Company

PT.Industri Nabati Technology Indonesia is the parent company of the INTI Group, which focuses on production and product development of coconut products. Our company has business units that produce quality products, and we are committed to providing coconut products for the needs of the whole world.

and currently our manufacturing has been registered and recognized by the US FDA.